#DietChecks: Low Calorie Diet and Very Low-Calorie Diets

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#DietChecks: Low Calorie Diet and Very Low-Calorie Diets

Sometimes dieting could be a total mess when we get a lot of dieting tips and techniques with a lot of grammar as added bonus, LOL! Without know how to start with maybe a vegan diet, applying weight loss diet plans. Etcetera!

Following a low-calorie diet may seem difficult, but you can make it easier by being prepared with a plan  (and plenty of low-calorie foods).

Losing weight is a freaking number game. Eating fewer calories or exercising to burn off calories typically results in weight loss. One pound of body fat is equal to 3,500 calories. So to lose 2 pounds of body weight each week, you need to eat 7,000 fewer calories each week. This means eating an average of 1,000 fewer calories each day.

how to start with maybe a vegan diet

But before we dive into Low Calorie diet checking, we have to also look at these options below.

Intermittent fasting: Cycling between non-fasting and fasting as a method of calorie restriction.

Body for Life: A calorie-control diet, promoted as part of the 12-week Body for Life program.

Cookie diet: A calorie control diet in which low-fat cookies are eaten to quell hunger, often in place of a meal.

The Hacker’s Diet: A calorie-control diet from The Hacker’s Diet by John Walker. The book suggests that the key to reaching and maintaining the desired weight is understanding and carefully monitoring calories consumed and used.

Nutrisystem diet: The dietary element of the weight-loss plan from Nutrisystem, Inc. Nutrisystem distributes low-calorie meals, with specific ratios of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Weight Watchers diet: Foods are assigned point values; dieters can eat any food with a point value provided they stay within their daily point limit.

Things to diet check:

If you factor in exercise, you may not need to lower your daily calories quite as much to still lose weight. For example, if you cut calories by 700 but you also exercise to burn 250 calories each day, you’ll still lose 2 pounds a week.

A low calorie diet is generally not designed to achieve rapid weight loss, but to achieve success over a longer period of time.

A low calorie diet can therefore have long term success particularly if you are willing to accept it as part of your every day routine.

Here are some tips for making the most of your calories:

  • Don’t skip the protein: Try to choose lean meats, eggs, cottage cheese, fish, nuts, and legumes (beans, edamame).
  • Don’t drink your calories: Try to avoid all sugary drinks such as sodas, fruit juices, and sports drinks.
  • Dump the junk: This is because they don’t do anything to nourish you body. And they don’t keep you full for very long, either. It’s best if you can eliminate them altogether.
  • Watch your carbs: Simple carbs are often called refined carbs. They include white bread, white rice, potato chips, sugars, and are often found in processed food (fast food and boxed food).  Because fruit contains sugar, it is technically a simple carb – but it’s still considered a component of a healthy diet.

Shoot me downstairs if we don’t talk about very low calorie diet. Here peeps deal with this diet routine everyday like a burden but for their own personal wellness tho!!!


Very low calorie diets

A very low calorie diet is consuming fewer than 800 calories per day. Such diets are normally followed under the supervision of a doctor. Zero-calorie diets are also included.

Inedia (breatharian diet): A diet in which no food is consumed, based on the belief that food is not necessary for human subsistence.

KE diet: A diet in which an individual feeds through a feeding tube and does not eat anything.

Very low-calorie diets are not OK for everyone. Talk to your doctor to see if this kind of diet is appropriate for you.

Very low-calorie-diets are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, and are not appropriate for children or teens except in specialized treatment programs. They also may not be OK for people over age 50, either, depending on the potential need for medications for pre-existing conditions, as well as the possibility of side effects.

Low Calorie Diet and Very Low-Calorie Diets Quotes:

Jack LaLanne:

You can’t get rid of it with exercise alone. You can do the most vigorous exercise and only burn up 300 calories in an hour. If you’ve got fat on your body, the exercise firms and tones the muscles. But when you use that tape measure, what makes it bigger? It’s the fat!

Ariana Grande:

Nothing burns more calories than dancing in 5-inch heels… try it!

Joel Fuhrman:

Cutting back on calories is not the answer to successful weight loss and successful health… you have to increase the quality of what you eat, not just reduce the quantity.


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