#DietChecks – Keto Diet Alternatives


#DietChecks – 15 Keto Diet Alternatives: Keto Knowlege For Dieticians 

Hi Guys, we are struggling a bit about dropping posts here on diet checks because of our busy schedule. But we promise to try our best to keep up.

Today, we are looking at Keto Diet alternatives. While checking out this forum, I came across today’s topic. First comes the scientific blahgadash about Ketones. LOL!!!

The basis of diets previously was, you have to lower the consumption, If you want to lose weight. That was what the health institutes advocated.


However, in the last several years, that thesis was proven wrong. There are studies which show that we lose weight faster while increasing the consumption if we restrict our consumption to the minimum. The body requires energy for it is activity.

The body receives this energy main then fat, from carbohydrates and if needed from protein. So if you restrict the intake to less or 30grams, your body might have to look.

Your body can manufacture carbohydrates and among the elements of fat. Every manhood except the brains and the nerve system may utilize fatty acids.

Really the nerve system and the brains may function without glucose since they might get around 75% of energy. Ketones are a byproduct of the breakdown of fatty acids from the liver. They’re utilized as fuel for brains and nervous system.

Your system begins manufacturing ketones if you stay on the diet for days and it reduces the use of glucose. In the exact same time, the conversion of protein into energy is reduced, which is important when trying to maintain body mass.

More muscle mass you’ve, the greater calories your body will burn. This is one of the numerous reasons ketogenic diet is so effective.


The body needs 3 weeks to fully adapt to the use of fatty acids along with ketones as an electricity source. If you try that the ketogenic diet that the first few days will be like hell, you’ll not be capable to concentrate, you’ll be nauseous and weak.

It is since the body requires a while to adapt to the new energy source. The body is utilized to carbohydrates and if you simply lower your carb to zero, which will be a major shock. But when the body adjusts you’ll begin benefiting from the ketogenic diet.

Whenever you begin eating high fat and low carb diet you’ll start influencing mainly two major hormones, insulin and glucagon. Insulin within the body transfers nutrients from the blood to cells. Glucagon acts as an opposite, it influences that the cells to start releasing the stored nutrients to the bloodstream.

When there’s a shortage of glucose it promotes the lives to make sugar from other sources and releasing them into that the blood, where they can reach any cell within the body.


#blahgadash, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…

And that is all about that!! For some, I know how difficult it can be to cut some foods out of your diet. That is why it’s important to know what some substitutes for certain foods are.

If you are able to know about some substitutes, then you’ll be able to make numerous recipes that are going to help you lose weight.

Because you’re on keto, you’ll find that you are cooking more for yourself instead of going out. This shows significant savings along with helping you build your budget.

Check Out This List Of Substitutes below:


Almond Flour for Flour: Flour is great for cooking and baking. Almond flour has significantly fewer carbs, more fat, and more protein than your average flour.

Pork Rinds for Bread Crumbs: We want to have something that can give the same effect as breadcrumbs but give us significantly fewer carbs. The answer to this is pork rinds.

Lettuce Leaves for Tortillas: It’s safe to say that most people love tacos. The traditional taco shell or tortilla is basically all carbs. This sucks when you’re on a carb restricted diet. This is when lettuce leaves come into play.

Cauliflower Rice for Rice: Rice is one of those foods that can go with basically every meal, dish, or snack. If you want something that is going to be similar to rice, you need to look at cauliflower rice.

Stevia for Sugar: Sugar is great. But I know that it’s not good, especially when I’m on a low carb diet. One of the best substitutes for sugar is stevia.

Bulletproof Coffee for Coffee: Coffee isn’t a good option for you when you’re on a low carb diet. Bulletproof coffee is a morning drink that will push you through the day and it won’t require you to add sugar or creamer.

Almond Milk for Milk: Almond milk is the perfect low carb substitute for milk.

Mashed Cauliflower for Mashed Potatoes: Since we’re trying to find low carb substitutes, we obviously can’t look at mashed potatoes the same as we usually do. Mashed cauliflower may be one of the best substitutes.

Fathead Crust for Pizza Crust: For some people on a low carb diet, not having pizza is a severe killer. Fathead crust has come to the rescue though.

Portobello Mushrooms for Burger Buns: Everyone, that eats meat, loves a good burger every once in a while. Portobello mushrooms are a great substitute for burger buns.


Spaghetti Squash for Spaghetti: Being on a low carb diet, eating spaghetti just isn’t realistic anymore, unfortunately. Spaghetti squash, however, is a very real possibility.


Veggie Noodles for Pasta: We all know by now, that pasta just won’t fit into a low carb diet. Veggie noodles are your next best option.

Kale Chips for Potato Chips: Potato chips usually aren’t the most carb friendly food though. Because of this, you should look at eating kale chips.

Coconut Oil for Vegetable Oil: Coconut oil has a lot of saturated fat which is going to help your health in the long run. Vegetable oil is going to cause a lot of problems when it’s heated and consumed.

Cream Cheese Pancakes for Pancakes: Cream cheese pancakes are a great substitute for regular pancakes.

Do check out for more Keto Alternatives online or get into our comment box to ask us for alternatives to any food type.

Have a great Weekend Diet Checkers!!!!

#DietChecks – Keto Diet Quotes For today:

“I find I have a much better drive and focus when in a state of ketosis. I have a lot more mental clarity and productivity.

Bryan Barksdale

“There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. . . . Anyone who tells you to start eating carbohydrates in order to fix a health problem is totally missing the point.

Nora Gedgaudas

“To achieve a ketotic state, I ask people to begin with grain and sugar elimination. Grains are, by the way, the worst offenders for triggering high blood sugar, even worse than simple sugars, such as sucrose. So grain elimination—not reduction—is key for getting into ketosis.

Dr. William Davis


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